Draft Reading Series
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NEW IN 2021

Draft will be offering services to support our programming.

Here’s why …

Over the years, we’ve been pleased and honoured to receive grants from both the Toronto and Ontario arts councils, allowing us to pay better fees to authors and pay for accessible venues for readings. But despite applying at almost every deadline, we don’t always get those grants.

Whether we hear yes or no, we have never been comfortable being pitted against those we consider friends and colleagues. It’s hard to be anything but happy for the “successful” applicants. We know how much unseen (and uncompensated) work goes into those grant applications. At the same time, a “failed” grant application means re-jigging our season, and scrambling to pay the authors whose work we are committed to presenting. This means more time, and more labour that could be directed into making our series better and continuing to build community.

So while we appreciate the efforts of the councils, and of the juries, we’ve decided to take a break from applying for grants.  Three members of our team will be using our time in a different way, by offering our skills and donating part of the fees directly to the series. If you take part in this initiative, you won’t just be supporting your writing, you’ll be supporting the series and your fellow writers as well. If you’re interested, please contact us at draftreadings at gmail dot com

Here’s how …


— Online Marketing ($40 an hour, price negotiable) this includes a variety of services for online marketing including google ads, facebook ads, basic website setup, email marketing setup
— Editorial services ($10 per page) can offer editing services for documents
— GM for TTRPG ($15 each for 4-hour session or $10 each for 2-hour session): Play a one-shot session for 3-5 people can GM a tabletop RPG (D&D 5e or Call of Cthulhu)

Jade Wallace will offer EDITORIAL SERVICES

Every month between January and June 2021, Jade Wallace will offer poetry or fiction editing services to a maximum of 2 writers, with fifty percent of all proceeds going directly to Draft Reading Series to pay future readers. Editing services may include: substantive written feedback, line editing, and copy editing, depending on the needs of the writer. Prices are as follows:

— $20 per 1000 words for short fiction (max 5000 words)
— $20 per page for poetry (max 10 pages)


She will welcome two students in online Feldenkrais classes (8 weekly classes, recordings included), and offer all the proceeds to Draft. In case you’re wondering what Feldenkrais is, just try it. You need it right now.

— $100 for eight classes ($130 value).

She’ll do manuscript development for one long-form prose manuscript and donate half the proceeds to the series.

— $300 for up to 50 pages (including an hour-long consult and written notes).

And here’s some more information on us:

Joshua P’ng is a digital marketer with 5+ years in the industry. A wearer of many hats including content writer, online event creator, social media strategist, paid ad specialist, database analyst, client relations manager, and project team leader, he’s defined by knowledge of digital stack including Marketo, Pardot, Hubspot, WordPress, Salesforce, Google Ads, Asana, Trello, and Slack.

Jade Wallace is the current reviews editor for the esteemed literary journal CAROUSEL and co-founder of the collaborative writing entity MA|DE. Jade’s solo and collaborative chapbooks have been published by Collusion Books, Puddles of Sky Press, ZED Press, Anstruther Press, and Grey Borders Books, and their poetry and fiction have appeared or are forthcoming in dozens of literary journals internationally, including This Magazine, Canadian Literature, The Antigonish Review, and The Stockholm Review. Their work has been supported by the Ontario Arts Council, Canada Council for the Arts, and the City of Windsor’s Arts, Culture, and Heritage Fund, and has won the Muriel’s Journey Poetry Prize, been nominated for The Journey Prize, and been a finalist for the L. Ron Hubbard Writers of the Future Contest and the Wergle Flomp Humour Poetry Prize. <jadewallace.ca>

Maria Meindl has been teaching Feldenkrais technique since 2002. She has taught regular weekly classes at the Feldenkrais Centre and other venues in Toronto, in addition to workshops in pelvic health, breathing, and writing and movement. She’s also a writer, manuscript whisperer, and the founder of Draft.

*** please note that taking part in this initiative will not influence our decision on who reads. Please see this link for more information on how we make decisions about readings.