Draft Reading Series
Reading Series … In process since 2005

Motion Statement

Draft is a celebration of process. Readers are invited to try something new … anything they’ve always wanted to try but have never had the opportunity. This might involve simply reading new work, but it might also include writing in a genre they’re not known for, collaborating with another writer or someone from a different discipline, incorporating elements from the other arts, reading upside down … anything and everything.

With between four and six authors reading for about fifteen minutes each, the readings are fast paced, and very eclectic.  It is part of our mandate to host both established and emerging writers, and the readings go in alphabetical order: no feature readers as such.

Another component of the series is a publication called Draft. This is a numbered, limited edition available only on the day of the reading, with a cover by Ron Edding, and contributions by the readers. Contributors are invited to send rough drafts, collages, sketches, any kind of raw material, and this might include a quote from someone else’s work.

Here’s a list of all readers to LIST OF ALL READERS TO MAY 2018.

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For those interested in doing a reading, please take a look at Reading at Draft 2018 2019 season.