Draft Reading Series
Reading Series … In process since 2005

Who are we?

Meet the Draft Collective:

Julia Campbell-Such is a woodworker living in Toronto.  She also has a Master’s degree in religious studies, and wrote her thesis on people who think the world is about to end.  Her stories have been published in Broken Pencil and OnSpec magazine.

Ron Edding was born in Montreal. He was educated at Dawson College, Concordia University and the University of Western Ontario. Ron has exhibited artwork and presented performances in Canada, England, Chile, Serbia and Mexico. Along with a lifelong individual art practice, Ron has always had strong collaborative relationships with other artists and writers. His latest collaborative venture is in the area of graphic novels. For over a decade, Ron has been involved, at a variety of levels (from board room to bake sales) in Toronto’s lively world of artist run culture. His work with the Draft Collective is the latest example. creators@coxwellstation.ca

Susan L. Helwig grew up on a dairy farm just outside of Neustadt Ontario. She has published three poetry collections: Catch the Sweet (Seraphim Editions, 2001); Pink Purse Girl (Wolsak and Wynn, 2006); And the cat says (Quattro Books). whoisford@hotmail.com

Janet Macmillan is a Chartered Professional Accountant who has worked and volunteered in her children’s schools, dance companies, TIFF, animation studios and non-profit organizations. Janet is exploring an interest in literary art.

Maria Meindl is the author of Outside the Box: the Life and Legacy of Writer Mona Gould, the Grandmother I Thought I Knew from McGill Queens University Press, a story “The Last Judgment” from Found Press and “Rules” an essay in an anthology on death published by Creative Non Fiction. Her essays have appeared in The Literary Review of Canada, Descant, The New Quarterly and The Temz Review. She has made two radio series for CBC Ideas: Parent Care, and Remembering Polio.  She is a Feldenkrais practitioner who teaches movement classes in downtown Toronto.

Rolf Meindl was raised in rural Nova Scotia and has lived and worked in downtown Toronto for the last 30 years. He works in the IT field for Diabetes Canada and has a background in Programming, Project Management, Urban Planning and Cartography. Previously he has spent time in Europe, South East Asia, Australia and the Middle East. You will usually find him cruising the streets of Toronto on his bike, sailing in the outer harbour on a Laser or in studious concentration over a Go Board.

Joshua P’ng lives in Toronto, Canada and has honourable mentions from the University of Toronto Scarborough (UTSC) writing competition. His work has appeared in the filling station, Dead Beats, untethered and the Great Lakes Review. While he is not writing he enjoys sketching people on the TTC, learning how to play the guitar and volunteering to stave off boredom.

Jade Wallace is a writer from the Niagara Fruit Belt who is currently working in law in Toronto, Ontario. Their poetry, short fiction, and essays have been published internationally, including in Studies in Social Justice, The Antigonish Review, and The Stockholm Review. Their most recent chapbook is Rituals of Parsing (Anstruther Press 2018). They are a member of the band The Leafy Greens, which has been incorrectly described as “psychedelic stoner metal.”

Hallie Wells is currently working on her first novel. She holds a PhD in Anthropology, and her research examines slam poetry and public speech in Madagascar. She is a newcomer to Canada and a devotee of vegetarian poutine.