Draft Reading Series
Reading Series … In process since 2005

New to Readings?

Thanks so much for visiting our site. We’ve created this page for people who might not have attended a literary reading before. Here are a few tips that will help you know what to expect. Please contact us at draftreadings@gmail.com if you have any other questions.

*** For the foreseeable future our readings are online. Please register through Eventbrite. You’ll receive a Zoom link with your acknowledgment.

Here’s some information about how to sign up for Zoom.


Here’s a tutorial.

And for once we get back to in-person events …

Please check the landing page of this website for the start-time of the readings. It’s good to get to the venue about 15 minutes early.

When you first get to the reading, you will see a book table and donation jar. Please pay what you can. The suggested donation is between $5 and $10 but if you can’t afford the fee, don’t let that stop you from attending. All are welcome, regardless of ability to pay. The money goes straight to the writers. It’s always nice if you can put your money in the jar by the end of the first break. This gives our volunteers an opportunity to count it and divide it equally among the writers.

Take your copy of our limited-edition publication when you attend a reading. This is a collector’s item which you can only get at the readings.

The authors will be reading from new work, but some have published books before. You can buy their books at the book table. There is no obligation to buy a book, but it’s wonderful if you can. And you can get it signed!

Here are a series of mostly DO’s and only one DON’T when it comes to attending Draft.

Send us a quick email in advance if this is the first time you have attended a literary reading, and/or if you have accessibility needs. We’ll do our best to make you welcome.

Sit with strangers. Many people come to Draft alone and end up talking to people at the reading. It’s a great way to meet people.

Introduce yourself to your neighbours and to the organizers (sitting at the book table).

Go and talk to the writers. They want to hear from the audience about their work.

Ask for the writers’ permission if you are going to photograph them, and if you are going to share the pictures on social media. Ask their permission if you are going to film them. Their reading belongs to them, just like their wallet or shoes.

Buy a book and get it signed, if you can. This is not a requirement, though. All are welcome at the readings.

Come to enjoy the entire afternoon if you possibly can. Most writers — even well-known ones — are nervous as they share their work. When audience members leave early, it can really throw them off.

Stay home! Please come out and meet us.